OSO ORO is a community… a brand name… a way of bringing together bears (and those who love them) from all over the world through culture and art and fun. It's a way of making sure diversity in our cultures is recognized and celebrated in a big way. We create events, have a web presence, link to other
great bear orgs, artists, happenings, and bears of all cultures and nationalities. We create merchandise like tees, books, etc… just to celebrate who we all are.

Our events are unique in the bear communities; parties, performances, festivals and drink-n-draws all rolled into single happenings... all intersecting and playing with different cultures and genres... all for the love of bears all over the world. We celebrate all that good stuff; manga, comics, toys, tees, bara, wrestling, lucha libre, genre flicks, urban and shlock cinema, etc, etc, etc...  Bears, tigres, panthers, osos, gachi muchis, bulldogs, pandas, wolves, otters, monkeys, cubs and beasts of any kind are welcome and encouraged to participate and have a good time.

ANNOUNCING OUR OSO ORO 2014 TEE SHIRT DESIGN CONTEST!  IF YOU ARE AN ARTIST AND WOULD LOVE TO HAVE YOUR ART ON A LOT OF BEARS' CHESTS, YOU CAN SUBMIT YOUR DESIGN TO osooro2014@gmail.com. Follow this link to learn more about the details. And, yes, there is a cash prize! The deadline is June 10th, 2014! Winners will be announced on June 16th!

This year we celebrate our 7th OSO ORO event. 6 years of celebrations in New York, San Diego and even Taipei. This year promises to be our biggest, funded by your kindness and crowdfunding, and put into effect by our wonderful and sexy OSO ORO volunteers!

If you want to join in as an artist, a model or event host, contact us at osooro2014@gmail.com or hit the contact button above. We'll hear from you soon.

More info about OSO ORO 2014: MONSTROSO; It's in OCTOBER 2014!!